Sarah - student project

Well for my first shoot with a female I chose my good friend Sarah, well it was a mutual request but you know. She had texted me one night about my photography and was telling me how she was shocked with my creativity.  It wasn’t 5 minutes into the conversation when we decided to shoot together. We set up a date and met 2 weeks later at her house. Due to the fact that I shoot mostly street, flashes and lights are a no show for me so I chose to shoot early morning when the sunlight is soft and white. To my advantage her room was entirely white and the one wall that was entirely windows was facing the sun. She was telling me that she has shot a bit before but wasn’t a regular and was still nervous. At first we took some test shots and she was a bit uncomfortable with the posing and exposing of her body so we began shooting and slowly it fell together.

The test shots we took were just of her against the white wall.

 We than moved over to thecouch.

And off it was with the jeans.

She had great mirrors in the room and I love mirrors if you cant tell.

Originally she didn't like the idea of shooting on the bed but we gave it and try and it turned out great.

Some bts for you.

All in all I had a blast. It was a success. I shot over 200 images because every postion and prop just looked so good. The lighting was as good as it gets and i couldnt ask for anything better. I learned a lot especially editing. A women is so delicate even when editing you cant be to rough with her. P.s. the music realy helped her get comfortable. Thank you and hope you enjoy my set.