Sample Project

Sample Project  - student project

Hi everyone! Here is my example of my 2 pieces for the class assignment. You don't have to upload these all at once, you can add images as you go along, and I can give you feedback along the way too. You may upload pictures or scanned images of your watercolor creations. I will explain a little about each image and what I am looking for. 

This is the first activity you will show me. It is the Texture Swatches activity, where you will begin to experiment with different types and styles of textures. This activity helps us begin to get ideas for our final project, loosen up and practice. Try out at least 9 different styles. the more the better!

Upload your final project! Sharing pictures of your process is GREAT too! 

Here is the scanned image of my project. I chose fish swimming near a coral reef as my subject. Painting animals is a great way to integrate textures into your watercolor paintings. The possibilities are endless! You can paint anything from your pet, to a bear or even insects!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!



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