Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

I knew I wanted to create a few stamps so I could take advantage of the 'free shipping with a $30 purchase'. I also knew I wanted stamps I could use to add some cute details to the mail I send my mom and sisters, so thinking about cute, loving details is where I started with my research :)


After looking at my inspiration, I drew two stamp ideas out:

I decided to edit them in Illustrator. After scanning them in and opening them up in photoshop, I increased the contrast, then pasted them into Illustrator, applied live trace, and smoothed out some of the rougher points using this method with the pencil tool. These are the final black and white versions I used for the stamps:

The 'heart' you! stamp is sized 1"x1" and the XO stamp is 1"x 1/2". Here's what they look like stamped out!!

Hand Lettering + Graphic Design