Sample Project: The contest I ran for this course

Sample Project: The contest I ran for this course - student project

This is a sample project showing exactly what I did during the course.


Milestone 1: Instagram account


This is Beth's Instagram account: 


Milestone 2: Ideas


We ran a contest that required people to:

- like the post

- follow @bethdomanstudio

- Tag a friend in the comments


We let people tag multiple people, because Beth only had about 100 followers at the start of this contest.


Milestone 3: Finished contest

Here is a link to Beth's finished contest:



Things that went well:

- She had over 300 comments which was way more than I expected!

- Her followers grew by almost 50% which was also amazing

- Because of the contest, people messaged her about commissioning other art work.

- Because of the contest, she was invited to participate in an event next month.


Things we'd do differently next time:

- Next time I would recommend Beth let's people share to their stories to get bonus entries. She wasn't sure about the story part, so we decided not to do it the first time.


Rain Scott

Digital Marketing Expert