Sample Project: Thank You Card

Sample Project: Thank You Card - student project

I have a few ladies in my life I need to send some thank you notes to, so I decided to create a thank you card for this project :)

I wanted to experiment with a more extreme-varied baseline than I usually do, so my inspiration for the lettering comes from Mila Script:

Using the look and letter method from the class, I looked directly at the Mila Script version of Thank You and lettered out my own using a waterbrush filled with ink:

After doing a precise 'look and letter,' I took what I had learned about unique details of the letterforms and dips, and freehanded a version below it, so it came directly from my hand. I decided I wanted the crossbar of the t lower with a little more thickness to the letters overall, so I applied more pressure and condensed the letters slightly in the freehand version. This added my own style to it, keeping unique qualities from the original still intact.

Next, I moved into color, and since this card will be for a lady, I decided to go with a more feminine color palette: red purple base, with a regular purple blend on the bottom and a red blend on the top:

detail of the blend:

Full card:

Can't wait to mail it out! :)

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