[ Sample Project ] Birds and lines

[ Sample Project ] Birds and lines  - student project

Here is my list with my visual brainstorm, and the two finalized drawings I ended up making.


 Things I learned: I really like the mix of graphite and dry pastel pencils, and I also would like to test another drawing similar to this bird drawing but by using a 'looser' drawing style for the bird... and see where that brings me! :) 

I really enjoyed making this. Even though in retrospect I wouldn't say it's my favorite abstract drawing ever, I had a lot of fun with the blend of colors, and think there's something interesting in terms of the 'depth' created by the different textures (those black ink lines look like they're 'further away' than the dry pastel in the front). There's something interesting to explore there in future drawings. :) 


So there you have it, my two finalized drawings, my group of thumbnails and a few thoughts that this exercise triggered. I can't wait to see your drawings and hear your thoughts! :) 

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