Sabbatical - student project

Hello everybody,

my name is Maren, I live in cologne, usually work as a Senior Art Director at a branding experience agency but will be a "soon-to-be-mum". That´s why I am in the middle of a sabbatical...

I have been working as a freelancer for six years and kind of quit it last summer. I felt like I needed a change. But before that I was in the middle of my re-branding and stopped with the new job. Since then my website is just a "sh***-cooming-soon-page" and I am sick and tired of it.

I am a member of skillshare since my freelancing days and listened last year to your other class, Monika. I read your books, too. Like them a lot :-)! So, to get myself into motion, I signed in this class.

Let´s see what it´s all about:
- As I already have a job and this can´t be about getting hired, formulating my goals is the hardest part. 
- It´s more about having a side project, a bit like "just to make stuff" and like having an anchor during the forthcoming period, too. I would like to enlarge my network, become a voluntary member of something worthy and coloberate in interesting projects. 
- At the moment I am thinking and working on two website: Maren Odenthal - representing me as a designer & Studio Ode - a blog to write, experience and learn. 

I will keep you in the loop :-).
Cheers, Maren



I promised to keep you up to date: Thus, this is my Sidemap :-).



And the best thing: Taaadaaa! It works.


Still have to work on the design and content. But, feel free to leave a comment ;-).



And I am back :-D! Oh my god, this took my quite some time. But now I am a mum - hoooray! - and my son does not need me every minute any more. Or at least I hope so. 

Thus, I am working on my website again... and you missed some progress. Let me get you up to speed:

1. I could not use my original domain name "" at squarespace because of the ".de" ending. So I had to get up with a new one. I was always dabbling with the "studio" and my name odenthal / ode... whatever. But it never felt right for the actual time and purpose. In the end I came up with something quite clever (blush, hmpf...) and decided on "Mien Studio". Mien is a word from Plattdeutsch (a language from the north part of germany, where I was born) and means "mine". As the main purpose of the side is very personal I like a lot. 

2. I am nearly done with the text and the structure is 100% finished. There are still some pictures missing and I haven´t started with the blog, which I called journal.

I am quite happy with the design. Some finetuning here and there... guess I will never be satisfied. But I am on the way!

3. You can have a look at the wip here:


Uppps, I nearly forgot: I am done :-))) - for now. My website is online since august and I have been writing in my journal. As I am currently on paternal leave my main focus is very personal. This will change next year. I will get back to work in january. Please have a look: 



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