SAMPLE PROJECT - student project

Hi everyone! Here's my three pieces for the class assignment. I'll write a little bit about each piece so you guys can get the feel of what I'm looking for.

Again, you don't have to upload these all at once. In fact, it's probably a good idea to get some feedback on your sketches first.

As you can see, my character sketches are very loose and basic. In my videos, I discuss sketching from overall shape to details and important features; use this part of the assignment to experiment with what you've learned. You should use your sketch page as an opportunity to explore. Don't worry too much about neatness or overall presentation, that's for the model sheet!

The model sheet is where presentation counts! For this part of the assignment, I'm looking for an organized page with your character's final design neatly laid out. This part really clarifies exactly what your character looks like.

Final comic! I'm looking for neat panels, and an overall finished piece. Time to flex your humor muscles!

Webcomics Artist & Illustrator