SAMPLE PROJECT: Using Key Words to Sell Services

SAMPLE PROJECT: Using Key Words to Sell Services - student project

My business is called Expand Your Reach because my business is more than just about growing your business, it's about creating something that you are passionate about AND helps you create the life you want.  

So....I use a lot fo the word 'expand' in my content to help embody my brand. 

My specialty is helping entrepreneurs multi-task their content to create multiple revenue streams and additional opportunities to grow their community and establish themselves in the market. my promotions I talk about #content and #virtualcourses (I have found...through some trial and error...that these are terms that work for my market) 

I also have researched that #freedom and #passiveincome are well-searched hashtags so when I am being somewhat ambiguous about a this one...I like to add them in so they know that the goal of the course and content is to create passive income and freedom in their lives. 

These are considered Money Words....which means that when someone sees them they associate them with how they can make more money, or how it will change their life for the better. These types of words are often what people use to make buying decisions. 

I led them to my home page, but it would have been smarter to lead them to my Work With Me page....I think I would have gotten more conversions than I did from this.  

NOTE ABOUT TIMING:  I have put this out before on twitter at different times and found that I got the best traction when I put it out in the morning.  This one went out at 8am 

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