Ribbon Hustle

Ribbon Hustle - student project

I chose the word Hustle to use for my ribbon lettering project. I used Bebas Neue Bold for the letters. 

Got to work with the tracing paper and a pencil to sketch out where the ribbon would go. Luckily my wife had some ribbon in her craft box which really helped, especially with the letter S. 

Here is the vector sketch with coloured sections ready to be copied into Photoshop. 

Version with Shadows and Highlights added. Need more practice with this part!!

Final version with some gold texture added over the top set to color burn to give it a different finish as I don't have any demin.

I can already see errors in the shadow / highlights, but I wanted to get one under my belt, so that I'd been through the whole process.

This is the first Skillshare project I've finished in ages and was great fun to learn how to do this. 


Hand lettering Artist