Regis Foods - a new tagline

Regis Foods - a new tagline - student project

I decided to come up with a new tagline for a company called Regis Foods.  It no longer trades, but I used to be a customer.  It delivered high quality frozen meals (especially fish) to homes in the South East of England.  Generally, they're individual portions (no side veg).  Delivery is free - the customer buys each item e.g. Thai Fish Cakes or Chicken Kievs in bulk.
The original logo was 'For your fine dining'
I reckoned the target customer would be someone like Mary.  She is 65, a retired teacher.  She and her husband enjoy good food.  Their 30-something son and daughter often come to stay at weekends.  The son doesn't eat fish.  Mary's favourite supermarket is Waitrose (it's an upmarket one).

This is the result I arrived at:

"Regis Foods.
Shipping fine dining to your door"

I thought the word 'shipping' seemed to correlate with the fish specialism.  But I didn't want to mention fish, as this would alienate non-fish eaters - there are plenty of chicken and beef options.