Push Up Popsicle

Push Up Popsicle - student project

Welcome to my Adobe Illustrator Libraries project. As with all of my projects this intro will stay at the top of the feed and new content will be posted at the top. Scroll down to see the history. Thanks for another great class, Elizabeth!


MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2018

Elizabeth's ice cream cone made me remember those little Push Up Popsicles that I would sometimes buy in the school lunch room. I'm not sure they were my favorite snack but they were the cheapest so that's what I wound up eating the most of.

I'm really excited about beginning to build my own brush, swatch and texture libraries. It is so nice to just be able to click and add interest to a line or shape in an illustration.

Push Up Popsicle - image 1 - student project

Not all of these texture swatches are mine - the ones in the circles are altered versions of some that are available in the AI geometric library. I'm still working on this illustration - I'm stepping away from it for a day or two and will come back to it with fresh eyes.

So far I have created:
- a scatter brush (stars)
- a pattern brush (dotted border)
- a repeating crayon texture swatch (sorbet and blue background)
- a Happy Birthday text pattern that I thought might come in handy for some projects

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