Project 6: Witches of the Rose Act 3

Project 6: Witches of the Rose Act 3 - student project




  • Rowan starts coming up with a plan to investigate the antagonist who seems familiar to her. She also starts looking into every member of the Society has it seems the antagonist has inside information. When Rowan finally finds evidence of a traitor she plans on giving it to the Head Mage when it oddly disappears. Back to square one Rowan comes up with a new plan to draw the Traitor out with the help of her peers. With new information on Antagonist from traitor Rowan comes up with a final plan to defeat them which is finding the mythical Sword of Eloria, which is said to have the ability to take people’s magic.



  • With the identity of the the Antagonist is revealed a series of conflicted emotions cause Rowan to make rash decisions to save her friends and family. In the final battle Rowan and the Antagonist, Rowan finally defeats the Antagonist with the Sword of Eloria in hand. Instead of killing them Rowan uses sword to take their powers and asks that the Antagonist not be executed but sentenced to prison and rehabilitated if possible.



       In one scene the rift between Rowan and some of her classmates are healed as the congratulate her and apologize for the immature behavior as they ask if they can start over. Then in the final scene Rowan is in conversation with one of her mentors when Luca (older brother) shows up and announces that their Father who went missing years ago had returned and was at the society. Here Rowan finally discovers her Father’s identity. (Cliffhanger)