Procrastination Tip

Procrastination Tip - student project

Here is a link to a short post I just wrote.  I am trying to write shorter entries this time around (my last blog was much more in depth.)  Since my focus is on providing support for reluctant readers it makes more sense to me to work on brevity and clarity.

I also created my own image on canva, and I enjoyed doing that a lot!

I found the section on re-purposing material helpful.  I am working on creating content that I can use to develop a business, so I am trying to learn how to think in terms of getting my information out to the people who can use it.  This small piece doesn't seem to be enough in itself to be repurposed, but I envision creating give-aways on procrastination, concentration, etc. in support of the primary product which will be an illustrated speed reading book.  This tip would definitely be a part of that.

Hmm - I added the link in the box where indicated but it doesn't seem to be showing up, so here it is: