Playing with Alcohol Ink and Air

Playing with Alcohol Ink and Air - student project

In this piece, I used alcohol ink, blending solution and compressed air. I let myself use lots of different colors and experiment with overlapping.

Then I limited my color pallet to 3 colors. pool, sapphire, and purple. I used a blow dryer for this one. I also added lots of 99% alcohol to dilute the colors as I constantly changed the angle of my blow dryer.  Then, I decided to crop it to 8x8 (since I have a cradled panel that size to mount it to) and see how it looked more refined.

This crop is nice, and the second crop is even better.

I then tried one more using only 3 colors using both a blow dryer and compressed air and 99% alcohol.

below are the 2 different cropping possibilties. 

I like this one...but I think I like the second one more.

I had a difficult time letting go of controlling the medium. And I had a tendency to over work things and wishing I had stopped messing with it when it was good enough. But overall, I enjoyed alcohol inks on Yupo using air to manipulate the abstract soften the edges.  Thank you Kellie for your inspiration and sharing your technique with us!