Photo essay: City tram

Photo essay: City tram - student project

I don't really have explanation for why I have chosen to shoot city trams. This idea just popped in my head once I finished watching the online lessons.

Trams in Kyiv are used mostly by the poorest members of society, because they either can't afford to live close to metro stations (that's why after metro they take trams), or they choose to wait for trams instead of buses because it's the cheapest mean of transport.

I wanted to depict the kind of people who work in trams and use them. While working for this assignment I realized that people, who are supposed to be the poorest, do not look this way. They are just normal, adequate, thoughtful, mostly polite people. I feel like I discovered the new feature of Ukrainians, which is not really new - their sense of dignity.

A woman waits for the tram at the stram stop in Kyiv.

People hurry to get in the tram

A girl looks the window of the tram curiosly.

Women look through the window of the tram

Typical Ukrainian tram cashier

A man looks through the window at sunset

A disabled woman with tree branches from church gets into the tram.

A man counts his money on the way to the tram.

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Portrait and lifestyle photographer from Ukraine