Personal one-pager

Personal one-pager - student project


What were the adjectives you settled on to describe yourself and your type?

Bold, contemporary, classic.


What were your considerations when deciding which typeface to use as a header verses the summary?

I decided to use a “bookish” serif with sharp edges – GT Sectra by Grillitype – for the headers to signify a classic look-and-feel and refer to my background as a experienced graphic designer.

The summary is set in rounded sans-serif GT Pressura – also by Grillitype – creating a nice contrast to the serif above. This typefaces balances the design so it doesn’t become too classic.



What elements of your typefaces make them work well together?

I think the serif and sans-serif work well together because of the big contrasts: serifs vs sans, sharp edges vs rounded and normal width vs condensed. The social links are set in the Mono-spaced variant of GT Pressura, to refer to the “digital” in the header.


Freelance Digital Designer