Passport Holder

Passport Holder - student project

Hey all, first Skillshare project I've completed. I don't personally have use for a wallet of this type, but I do travel a lot, so I ended up making a super simple passport holder using the same techniques (specifically the sanddle stitching binder clips).

To get the leather, I headed to the nearest leather wholesaler and asked to buy their scrap leather. They were more than happy to sell me a whole bag full of pieces I could use.

I measured the passport out and added some padding, so I ended up using a 14x20cm piece and two 5x14 pieces for the sides. There's a little extra left over, so I'll probably carefully trim the sides off with an xacto knife in the future.

I used the saddle stitch to put it all together; took maybe 3 hours of stitching, probably because it's my first time. The second side went notably faster than the first, after I found a flow that worked. I didn'y have a rotary punch or a role puncher, so I just eyeballed a straight line and punched through with my awl.

Overall I'm elated with how it turned out. Next steps are customizing the front in some way, perhaps by stamping or branding. I haven't put that much thought into it yet.

Thanks so much for the class, the saddle stiching tutorial helped a ton!

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