Paper brooch - animals

Paper brooch - animals - student project

I am not very good in drawing or painting, but I really like wearing handmade brooches on my coat. The brooches for sale were never exactly what I imagined, so each time I wanted a new broch, I had to ask my wife to make me one.
This is my first attempt to create my own handmade brooch. For obvious reasons, I chose the easiest technique - a paper brooch. And I also made it a bit easier to myself. I used already existing illustrations of some of my favourite animals. I simply cut them out from an old picture book (I have it twice at home, so one exemplar will serve as great source of material for future brooches, while the other one will stay safe in my library).
I think it would be fun to make more brooches with children, but telling them to cut out pictures from books may be quite risky:)

otter brooch:

owl brooch: