PAINT ALL THE TREES! - student project

What a fun class. I have kind of binge-watched Jen's classes this weekend, but haven't been able to follow-along with them all. Today though, I printed her handout, got out my paints and brushes and fun texture stuff, and tried my hand at her super-fun process of painting a loose tree based on letter strokes. It really helped me to let go of 'coloring within the lines' and embrace Jen's abstract approach using beautiful and effective, simple mark making. Her method truly allows the organic nature of watercolor to shine and just do its thing. I love learning new techniques, and this will be marked as a favorite for sure. Here's my first practice tree, straight off the drying desk. ***Note: Because it was my first go at just the tree using her method, it is straight in the center of the page with zero composition thought in mind (I will do better Jen, I learned a lot from your composition rules class)! 

Folk & Watercolor Artist