Oh this was fun!

Oh this was fun!   - student project

Hello!  I really enjoyed this class!  It was amazing to learn how simple circles and rectangles can be combined, selected, moved and so forth to create two quatrefoil patterns and shapes, and then the amazing Moroccan trellis pattern!  I got completely carried away doing different fills and effects on the Moroccan trellis, using the pattern as a shape and then also getting different fun designs after I rasterized the pattern.  Thanks to Helen for another wonderful class!

Here are my patterns in order of creation:

Next the barbed quatrefoil with an open layout:

Then a barbed quatrefoil with a fill on the pattern:

Then came the Moroccan trellis - it looks gorgeous, but it is actually so easy to make it (once you know how, like so many things in life!!):

AND THEN I started going crazy!  I tried different fills, used gradients,and tried Hue/Saturation adjusment layers (of course the adjustment layers were clipped to the pattern layer).  I used some foils that I made in the Skillshare class 'Metallic Magic' by Teela Cunningham (I highly recommend her courses too!). I rasterized one version, then selected different areas, and added fills and strokes.  This was SO much fun!  Just a few samples below:

Then I tried overlapping two layers of Moroccan trellis - doing this made my eyes cross! 

Then I tried gradient adjustment layers!

Then I rasterized the pattern, and selected different areas to fill with blue and green foil patterns that I had made in the Metallic Magic class.  I even managed to select the thin strokes of the trellis pattern, and filled that with my gold foil pattern!  The result reminded me of stained glass windows (also known as leadlight windows). 

Then finally I selected the dark blue areas, and did Edit>Fill and put in my silver foil pattern, finishing by doing Edit>Stroke to add a blue outline.  The result looked fairly complex, and I put that image above as the cover image for my project, and will also put it here.  I hope that other students had fun in this class!

Thanks to Helen Bradley for her marvelous courses!