Necklace using Wood burning technique

Necklace using Wood burning technique - student project

I saw a lot of projects using wood burning technique popping my feed these days.I wanted to try my hands on it.I first ordered the tool online ,but I dint get it as it was out of stock .After a long wait ,finally got the tool last week end.I got a bunch of hexagon die cut woods piece with the thought I will some how put it to use.Now the time has come.After trying a lot of arrangement of these die cut pieces,finally decided to go with the below one.

Glued the die cut pieces on the vinyl and trimmed the edges to the shape.Created a loop at the back for the string to pass through.

Next, traced the flower pattern roughly with the pencil and started burning the wood!!.Huraay!! I finally made it.

Used spiral coil ends and lobster clasp to complete the neck piece.

This is how it looks finally.Waiting to hear your comments.

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