My very imperfect washes

My very imperfect washes - student project

This has been very educational: I've been painting with watercolours for a long time and I had no idea how to do even washes in this way. It'd never once crossed my mind to even try. I love blooms and granulation and so my idea of a wash had always been to just throw paint on paper and wait what happens. So I was very much out of my comfort zone on this one, but I decided to give it a try (I had this vague idea for a postcard - which you can see in the last picture :) ). And guess what: a) I love it. b) It's totally harder than it looks. ^_^;

Practicising washes:

This was hard. To be fair to myself: Indigo and Ultramarine (or anything blue-like, for that matter) on not-so-cottony paper, is probably a step up in difficulty. The yellow was way better behaved.


And lastly, I applied the techniques to more involved "designs". I used masking fluid, because I didn't feel like painting around the margins. The paint, though, pooled around the masked areas and made even washes impossible. However, if I wanted a perfect gradient, I might as well use a computer. Did I mention, I like blooms? ;)

Also, a portrait (without masking fluid or tape - which I regretted in the end) and the design I originally had in mind when starting this class. (Which will now be turned into an "exclusive" postcard and be send on it's way. :) )

All in all a wonderful class with helpful exercises and ideas. Thank you, Olga!