My name is .... - Kinetic Type animation

My name is .... - Kinetic Type animation - student project

2nd post (2016-02-10)

Finally managed to record some audio and made and matched an animation to it.
Must say it is a lot more difficult when you are directed/restricted by an audio file, you need to follow the timing of the speach.

I am quite happy with the result for an first time making an animation following audio / speach.

Attached an High Resolution Vimeo embed
and Low resolution Animated Gif
Stills from the animation

The Vimeo embed:

The Animated Gif (15 frames per socond instead of 30)

The Stills

End off stills, end op 2nd post


1st post (2015-12-31)

My Real project is coming later, today I played with a New Year wish animation.

Attached an animated GIF

And an HR Vimeo Link (with snow effect, I took it out of the GIF due to file size limitations)

Best Wishes to all.

Graphic Designer, Teacher