My first woven hall hanging

My first woven hall hanging - student project

This was my first attempt to do a woven hall hanging. I listen to this class and another one two days ago, and yesterday I made it. I used a loom from the kids' section of Ikea (:D) and some woven and cotton thread I already had at home. The colors I picked were inspired by the colors I am thinking of use in my first baby boy nursery (on the way). I like neutral colors. I love doing it, it was very relaxing but I killed my back, but I think that's because the Ikea's loom is very big and it's ok in the beginning, but by the end, I saw myself completely curved into to it. I really want to learn how to do more knots do give more texture to my future projects. Thank you for this very useful and simple lesson. It was a very good introdution to the technique. lesson.