My first layered pattern!

My first layered pattern! - student project

WOOT! This class is fantastic and this is exactly what I've been so eager to learn how to do: layering patterns on top of each other for more depth and interest.

Here are my initial sketches:


And here is the color palette I selected. I only used a subset of these colors but got lots of variations that I love!

Here are my motifs. I built the dark green flower layer first, then the light green foliage layer and finally layered the black starburst accent on the top most layer.

Here is the repeat.

It might be pretty to move the light green layer below the dark green flowers as an alternative to what I did in my first try.

Organizing everything into separate layers is GENIUS!!

Here are other color variations. The green on green (middle one below) might be my favorite because the light colored daisies really pop. Playing with the recolor art tool is a blast!

Thank you so much Dylan. I'm very grateful for your generosity in sharing these wonderful techniques with us!



Surface Pattern Designer & Coach