My business helps me do my hobby for profit

My business helps me do my hobby for profit - student project

Hey everyone, 

My name is Ariana Gutierrez and I started a business in 2017 that helps me do my hobby of making handmade body care products. 

I started this business because I wanted to turn my entrepreneurial desire, creativity and hobby of soapmaking into a full operating business. I got the inspiration from youtuber, Arienne Arsenault, a master soap maker. What caught my interest from her videos was how she curated her soaps; very non-traditional and just well... fun. Her soap was like a medium for her art. So I concluded after a night of binge watching all her videos (oopsies) that I wanted to curate an everyday necessity but still an artform to everyone and anyone who uses soap, cares about personal well-being, and just appreciates a darn good soap bar.

Working on my business plan will help me be more organized, focused & hopefully figure out exactly what direction I want to take my business in.