My botanical Project - Silvia Ospina

My botanical Project - Silvia Ospina - student project

Hello lovely students! 

Here is my personal project made throughout my class: 
From Procreate to Canva: Turn Digital Illustrations into Botanical Designs

You can take it as an example to upload yours and have in mind that I layout all my images in Canva! SO easy and fun!! 

I can't wait to see all of your projects coming! 

Here it goes: 

Here is my collection of flowers made in Procreate. 

And here are my three designs: 
- An Instagram post with a motivational quote
- A weekly planner
- A floral crown that I'm planning to use on a wedding gift! 

Here are all my designs in mockups! They look stunning, don't they? 

And here's a silly photo of me telling you: YOU GOT THIS!!! 

I hope that you like my project and I can't wait to see yours!!! 

Thanks everyone for your love and support. 

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