My Studio's Social Media Strategy

My Studio's Social Media Strategy - student project

I set out some goals for the beginning of this year, and one of them was to start sharing videos of my work and my process on Instagram and Facebook. Those videos have done well, but what I loved about this class was designating a strategy for specific platforms.

I plan to focus my efforts on the following platforms:

- Pinterest - to drive traffic (it is already working for me, but now it is time to level it up with more content marketing bringing in traffic)

- Instagram - I like the platform, even though it may not be the most effective for traffic, but it will help me connect and bring brand awareness

- YouTube - I need to focus on this channel as well and put more effort into it. I think this will be a good channel for tutorials (plus generating ad revenue if I enable ads). I was debating between this one and Facebook. Right now I am putting lots of effort into Pinterest, so this will be in the future as I try one platform at a time.

My Instagram

What makes my brand unique?

My creative illustration style, and design resources

People would follow me on social media because....

- I teach what I know and share my process. 

- They are interested in new design resources and tutorials

My top 3 goals on social media are:

Brand awareness, drive traffic, and drive sales

The voice and tone of my company's marketing personality using adjectives are:

- Friendly, creative, supportive, and kindhearted

Final Thoughts....

I am planning on working on the part where I build a community message that is focused on being makers (be it art, products, etc) to connect with my audience.


Artist, lllustrator, Pattern Designer