My Personal Portfolio!

My Personal Portfolio! - student project

Hey guys, so I thought it would only be fair to show some of my work as well, just to get the ball rolling. My favourite website of mine to share is my portfolio website

The theme I used for it is called Supply. It's an e-commerce template as I want the possibility of selling in the future, or at least to have the option ready to go if I ever need it.

I customised the colours of the theme, added my little logo, and changed the homepage from the shop layout to a simple gallery. 

I wanted to limit the number of pages I have and so don't actually have a 'Home' button on my site, but rather the 'Prints' page is my home, as that's the key part of this site. I have two smaller pages two which are just text, and you can see in my secondary navigation I have a contact button.

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