My NEW commute

My NEW commute - student project

Hey all! 

Since filming this class my commute has changed. I started my own company and am operating out of a home office, so now I just have to walk down the stairs :) 

I tried to create a few more visuals using new chart types that would show a before and after. It's great that I can save time, money, and comfort-- but I tried to also capture the limitations in my visualization (mainly, I don't see as many people and sometimes I can spend a whole day without actually speaking a word!)

Hope these provide a few more ideas for your projects. 

First I started with a visualization that builds off of a couple of concepts in my first project, but included my new commute in comparison. 

Second I tried a radar chart, which is a fun way to compare many different variables (you can do more than four, but I wanted to keep it relatively simple)

Last, I thought it would be fun to compare a few different emotion, and added the days of the week as a new variable. My feelings definitely change throughout the week so this helps show how and when I feel different. 

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