My Last 3 Recipes/Experiments! ;)

My Last 3 Recipes/Experiments! ;)  - student project

My Last 3 Recipes/Experiments! ;)  - image 1 - student project

Maca Recipe

2 tbs of Unrefined Coconut Oil

2 tbs of baking cocoa (not rounded spoons)

1 tsp of Honey

1/8 tsp of Maca concentrate powder

~10 drops of flavored stevias

1/16 tsp of vanilla beans (ground)

Rating: 9.6/10

This was seriously SO good! This was the recipe I made in the class "live" and even though it became a really thin "bark" type of chocolate being frozen on the plate I found it HARD to not finish it all in one day! ;) My best recipe yet and one that I've already copied twice more this week! ;) 

Lemon Recipe

Regular recipe +

1/4 tsp of Lemon extract

~10 drops of vanilla stevia

Rating: 7/10

This was actually WAY better than I thought it would be, BUT I definitely want to play around with this recipe still to find something that has a slightly more sweet flavor. Maybe more extract next time and some of the ground vanilla beans?! We'll see! 

Very "Herbal" Recipe

Regular Recipe ++

1/4 tsp of Maca Concentrate Powder

1/8 tsp of Ashwaganda powder

1/16 tsp of Tulsi/Holy Basil Powder

~20 drops of stevia

Rating: 1/10

This was honestly HORRIBLE! Ha! I've done 1/4 tsp of Maca + 1/8th of Ash. before and it wasn't bad, so I thought adding the Tulsi would be fine...NOPE. Way too much, even with the extra stevia I always add. I kinda do the stevia ratio's based on the amount of herbs and this one just didn't work out! Maybe next time I'll try more honey? Or just leave the Tulsi powder out from now on! ;) 

Remember to upload your recipes and photos! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Ashlee Geheb

Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives