My First Jellyfish

My First Jellyfish - student project

I have been crocheting for almost 40 years, but have never tried to do Amigurumi. Seeing this class in its beginning stages made me want to enroll as soon as it was published. The Intro Video had me from "hello". 

I have included a photo of my supplies, which is an unusual colour choice but it's all I have on hand that I can have fun with. I didn't include the stuffing in the photo as it is still tucked safely in its bag.

The yarn is an acrylic - Bernat Satin to be exact. I will most likely stitch the eyes on with yarn so they can't be pulled off. If it works out like I plan, then it will be going to my daughter's best friend's baby.

My First Jellyfish - image 1 - student project

Diane Ziomek

Indie Author & Fiber Artist