My First Decent Digital Painting

My First Decent Digital Painting - student project

Hi there!

I've got myself an iPad only this year - my first Apple product ever, and yeah, I really wanted to get my hands onto Procreate. I've watched a few intro tutorials so far, and then left it a bit to the side, slightly discouraged by the lack of progress, or rather the lack of the results that I was expecting (I might have too high exxpectations hehe).

But today decided to go with it, I took a sketch which is actually a sketch waiting for me to paint traditionally. I just snapped a photo with my iPad and decided I will take it for a Procreate spin! This is still a work in progress, I would like to add some details and a background.


Here were my biggest challenges:


1. Still struggling with my linework, but I guess it comes to me not knowing what I want, so I went ahead with a more "pencil-like" character and I am quite happy with it

2. If my linework is pencil-like, then it means I cannot color larger areas by dropping the paint into it, because the linework has those little spaces which make the color bleed all over the background.

3. I sometimes still struggle with getting how to "isolate" areas for coloring on a separate layer, with the alpha lock, I guess I have to browse again to refresh it!


Let's leave it now at just those challenges ^^



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