My Act 3 Structure

My Act 3 Structure - student project

Plan: Murdoch gives instructions to Micheal while going for his gun


  • Murdoch starts to crawl towards his fallen gun
  • He yells at Micheal to go for the eyes and nose
  • Micheal starts to follow his instructions
  • The Raider attempts to get Micheal off his back
  • Micheal holds firm and starts to scratch at the Raider’s eyes
  • Murdoch manages to reach his gun, but its filled with sand
  • The Raider starts to slam Micheal up against the other car wreckages
  • The pain causes Micheal to slip off the Raider’s back


Climax: With Micheal distracting the Raider with, Murdoch is able to grab his gun and shoot the Raider in the chest five times. However, Micheal comes away with a broken arm and leg from the struggle


  • Murdoch manages to unjam his gun
  • The Raider raises his knife to stab Micheal in the face
  • Murdoch aims and fires five shots into the Raider’s chest
  • The Raider falls to the ground dead
  • Murdoch and Micheal sit and stare at each other
  • Micheal tries to stand up
  • He winces at the state of his broken arm and leg
  • Murdoch lets his gun fall to the ground
  • He places his face on the hot sand


Ending: Murdoch thanks Micheal, who walks over to the canteen and gives it to Murdoch to drink.


  • Murdoch slowly thanks Micheal for his help
  • Micheal doesn’t reply
  • He starts to limp over to where he dropped the canteen
  • Micheal limps back and hands it to Murdoch
  • Murdoch gratefully drinks his fill
  • He empties out the canteen
  • He sits up right and places his back against one of the wrecks
  • He looks at Micheal and notices his lips are broken and chapped
  • Murdoch sighs in frustration
  • He stands up and picks Micheal up by the arm
  • He places the boy in the passenger seat of his car
  • The two of them drive away towards the nearest town


Tyeric Mitchell