Mr Freeze and the Big Meltdown

Mr Freeze and the Big Meltdown - student project

I have always expected the unexpected when involved in the creative process. Learning to accept it and turn it around is the true story of success.

A famous company called 3M wanted to invent a 'super glue'. The engineer in charge and team members spent millions on developing the product. They ended up with a glue that would not stick!

A failure for most unless your job is on the line. Hmmm! What could a glue that does not stick be used for? Things that stick and un-stick. 

The "POST IT" was born. They made millions and they made millions$$$$$.

So what do you do with a frozen painting? Take it back to a warm place and watch it thaw out and then transform it.

Here is a painting I did and took home to add a snow effect by spattering with a soupy acrylic titanium white. The painting was of course transformed with this little spatter trick. Even if your painting does not look too interesting, this little trick will give it some holiday charm.

Spattering can get out of hand and can look overdone so be careful with not overdoing it. If you have ever seen snow as it just starts to fall you will notice that it creates an effect that it is very subtle.

Our main project today does not have snow drifting across the picture plane...but you can most certainly add some if you like.

Here is how I use the spatter technique with river rocks. I tape and mask, spatter, remove tape and glaze with thin coats of dark and light paint when the spatter is dry.

Here below is an acrylic painting of the same mountain that is in today's project. The technique here is again a lot of glazing and color balancing. Try to keep your winter paintings a little warmer than they really would be as warm is more inviting than cold.

Find what you love and respond to it with extreme passion and tenderness. Balance the extreme with the ordinary and you will always be poised for the unexpected.

Artist / Art Teacher