Moye Solnishka (My Sunshine- in Russian)

Moye Solnishka (My Sunshine- in Russian) - student project

I wrote this song about a person that is very important to me, he is the best person I know, unique in every way, and I’m so privileged and lucky that he is a part of my life. Although people may live different lives, I firmly believe that some bonds are never broken, and exceed time and space. With that in mind, here are the lyrics for this song. 

This is a super messy picture of my sketchbook, where I toyed around with different words and phrases in different places (and in different languages!)

this is a less messy, but still not pristine, picture of the “final draft” in my sketchbook. I don’t plan to share this song with any friends or family, seeing as it’s kinda personal, but you shared a song with us that seemed very personal, so I figured I’d return the favor :). Thank you for making this class.  

(Oh, and here’s the translation for the Spanish half of the song) 

Happy accidents