Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule - student project

Moscow Mule

So I've got a calligraphy project in the making where I'm drawing a different drink in a different calligraphy style each month for a 2015 calendar. 

Here's a bit of a preview of some other calligraphy. However I've hit a need with Moscow Mule to hand draw my own western woodcut font in a fun specific style. So that's what got me itnerested in this class and all the fantastic custom fonts coming out of it. So for the first step I've been sketching out different versions of M for the moscow mule in a style I'm looking to further flush out. 

So now I've got some M's to look at I'm going to deduce which ones I want to continue to develop further into a style that will read out Moscow Mule and perhaps change font for the calendar as well.