More prints - second try

More prints - second try - student project

I deleted the first image I posted.... it didn't have rings and just looks pale and swirly.

Thanks for the advice from Hazirah Kadir and Justin Zaring.... Experimenting with different types of paper and ink.  "Oriental Rice Paper" for Sumi, watercolor etc. and also some pages from a regular spiral notebook with lines. The last image is the notebook paper, two pieces of paper fit into the tray. They don't line up exactly but I was surprised that the cheap paper was actually getting the print better than expensive watercolor paper that I tried the first time. I also tried colored ink, as you can see on the one with blue, but it's not strong like the black so I printed with sumi ink over it. It has a depth or translucent look to it. A really fun way to spend a few hours.