Monster Party by Katy Bloss

Monster Party by Katy Bloss - student project

I had owned my iPad Pro for a few months but was only using it for pen sketches on the go! This Skillshare class seemed the perfect way to create more finished illustrations in Procreate and add to my Skillshare class projects. I went into this project with no final artwork in mind, as I had no idea how my monsters would turn out! Here's a little look at my process following Nic's videos...

Monster sketching

I love using red pencil to do initial rough sketches on paper, so it was fun translating that to my iPad Pro. It took a few minutes to get used to sketching on the smooth iPad surface. As I was focussing on learning how to use the app, I did not overthink my sketches and these six little guys appeared on the Procreate page. I really loved adding details and the facial expressions of each character.

Blocking out monster shapes

I stayed true to my favourite colour palette, as I did not want to feel too much out of my comfort zone while learning all the Procreate tools. Blocking out the monster shapes was very quick and easy using the colour dropper, a new tool I discovered in this class!

Adding monster textures

Adding the monster textures was definitely the longest stage in my illustration. I tried out a lot of the Procreate brushes but found myself leaning towards the chalks and pencils, much like the illustration work I do on paper. I think I need to do more texture experimentation and maybe make my own brushes to be really happy with my textures, a fun project for the future.

Which of my monsters is your favourite?

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