Mixed Media Collage - Flower

Mixed Media Collage - Flower - student project

I was so inspired by this class! I painted tissue paper that I purchased at the dollar store just for this project. This is my first mixed media collage and I am so thankful that Doris created this class to guide me along. I didn't want to copy her flower exactly, so I added a couple extra petals and colors. However, looking at the final piece made me realize that my "abstract" flower is way too literal. I had a difficult time with letting go of control and just allowing the torn pieces to be spontaneous and accidental looking. I loved working with the layering of papers, painting over it with fluid acrylics, and I especially loved the water soluble crayons! I learned so much from this class and trying it myself. Next time, I will see if I can get more comfortable with laying things down in a more abstract manner. Thank you so much, Doris Charest! I love your work and your classes!

Mixed Media Collage - Flower - image 1 - student project