Mini Masterpieces

Mini Masterpieces - student project

Jen, I love your classes. They remind me how important drills are, and getting warmed up, and just being creative in whatever way feels right.


I'm obviously addicted to making tiny art now. It's fun to be able to finish a tiny stack of paintings in a couple of hours and feel accomplished.

I don't have a lot of process images this time. I did the drills and then set up my space with all the mark-making stuff I could gather in my studio. I ended up using watercolors, colored pencils, markers, gel pens, and Micron pens.

I got myself all snug and put on some music (likely INXS) and did a watercolor layer on 16 little cardstock cards that I already had cut up in stacks from a previous unfinished project. I let them all dry completely before I went at them with the rest of the materials I had gathered.

I ended up liking and scanning a half dozen of them.

Then I switched the music to Prince, and cut ATC sized pieces of bristol and watercolor paper and experimented with acrylics, colored pencils, markers, gel pens, blah blah blah.

I wish I had taken pictures of these during the process because some look nothing like what they started as. It was interesting to see the way the different papers took the different mediums.

It was also interesting to see these common themes emerge. Round shapes with lines radiating out of them. I hadn't had a good expressionist session in a while, so everything is abstract. I was pretty tired after making all of these as I put a lot of my anxious energies into them.

This will definitely be a regular part of my art practice. I really enjoyed these fun-sized arts!

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