Mich's Steps to a Brighter Me

Mich's Steps to a Brighter Me - student project


Hi I'm Michelle and I've created two new routines that will support me in reaching for the stars. 

My morning routine includes:

- Drink a glass of hot lemon while I write in my journal (15 mins)

- 15-30 mins stretches or a brisk walk in the park (weather dependent)

- When I have more time I will also read for 30 mins

My evening routine includes:

- Meditation using my headspace app (10 mins)

- Reading for 30 mins

- Write in my journal (10 mins)

I find this routine is flexible enough, so that when I don't have a lot of time, there is still at least one activity that I can fit in as a non-negotiable every day. For me that activity is journaling.

I have been practising these routines every day and enjoy refining them to see how I can make them better. Sometimes I experiment by adding in new things to see how that changes my performance. I also move things around depending on the seasons.

I look forward to seeing your projects in class.

Cheers, Michelle