Mi Creative Business, My dream.

Mi Creative Business, My dream. - student project

Hello Mimi, I had been following you since your first class "Make a believe reality...the white drawing" and I am so glad because now I had seen this new class perfect for me. Since a long time ago I am thinking about changing my day job for something more creative, let's say the job I had always dreamed since young. But because I didn't have time to think about it or to go deeper I didn't started.

With this horrible pandemic I thought that maybe it is the moment to give form to this dream, the thing is that now I am not working anymore and I have time. So since I am at home instead of going crazy about the virus I focus my energy in trying to learn as much as I can about AI and Pattern Design, Social Media and how to start your own business.

One Important thing I had learned from many places is that you need to have a website (to have all the stuff and to look professional) and so when you anounced this class I thought that was perfect for me and to give form to my business Idea. It is a lot of thinking but with your advise it is easier.

I am still working in the google doc but I soon as I finish it I will share it.

Thanks a lot,



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