Mesmerizing Glowstar

Mesmerizing Glowstar - student project

Based on the a simple rotating star or flower shape, I made a succession of animated gifs, that vary in complexity – they show what you can create working with shapes and a few effects.

1. The basic 60º rotation of 1 layer
– simple and seamless

2. Alternative layers rotating opposite ways
– the layers have a screen blend mode

3. Layers rotating the same direction, but at different speeds
– the lower the layer the faster

4. Each layer has 2 repeater effects added to it
– the layers rotate at -120, -60, 0, 60, 120

5. Added glow effect and a pucker and bloat effect to each layer
– the pucker and bloat is animated

6. Playing with the twist effect
– feels like a jellyfish or octopus :)

This is one that I pasted from Giphy:

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