Meals - student project

I’m loving your lettering lessons. All though not new to Procreate. Making text interesting has been a revelation. 
Having decided to base my words around meals, I have realise that not everyone uses the same words for each meal. Breakfast is same most places I think, Dinner here in Yorkshire Uk is often what other people call lunch, a mid day meal. Teatime up here is our main meal. Often called dinner elsewhere.

Now I have cleared that up lol.

In my breakfast one I struggled with selecting and clearing layers, so I used a clipping mask, also used a pattern brush I had made earlier.

Dinner time is almost a copy of yours, I didn’t use the same font for extra text. But added a bat dingbat. As kids when called for dinner we did the whole Batman thing.

Tea time is also a near copy of yours. 

thanks so much for these lessons.