Madison Postcard

Madison Postcard - student project

I've lived around Madison, WI all 22 years of my short life, and it's always been the perfect fit for me--I can't imagine living anywhere else. I had initially thought of doing the Farmer's Market, but then I noticed another classmate had already tackled that, so I stuck with aspects of Madison that I think are recognizable, including activities and specific locations. For the format, I chose a postcard approach, which seemed fitting for the subject.

Stylized illustration is far from my forte--I've always strived for realism since I was a kid--so I took this project as an opportunity to explore something I rarely have a chance to do and am happy with how it turned out considering my skill level in the style.

Rough Sketches

Illustrator Linework

Illustrator Color and Custom Brushes

Photoshop Texture

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Graphic Designer/Illustrator