Made by DUH

Made by DUH - student project

Thanks to this class, I have finally created a new website for myself at

With all the tips on what it should look like, what content to include and how to introduce yourself, I was able to build myself a (small) portfolio with the type of work I'd like to do more of, write an "About Me" that is a little more concise and informative, and I have started a blog where I hope to write in at least once a month about current projects, classes I am taking and lessons I have learned along my freelance journey.

Most of all, I'm not really embarrassed with sharing this site like I was with the portfolio I had before. I feel optimistic and organized with this one and it's all because I now have some clear direction as to what to share/not share.

Next steps:
• Build my body of work with a passion project. (not much to show now)
• Create a new business card and a promotional piece. (introducing myself as an Illustrator)
• Reach out to collaborate with others (FRIENDS?!?), create a community, connect.

There is so much more to be done, but I believe I need to focus on these few steps first in order to not get too overwhelmed. 

Thank you to Martina for sharing all your thoughts and guidance for getting started and maintaining your freelance career. Goals are set and gears are turning now!

Illustrator + Designer