Looking for something

Looking for something - student project

This is a sketch of myself... not very happy.

Me again, in colors. (Fought a lot with the Color Action, until I went back to the video and discovered that I was doing it wrong - of course)

Wink ;)

Mid point. (very simple animation, but it's 4 A.M. and I have to get some sleep)

And that's the final animation. Thanks for the class, it was awesome.

:: // ::

Being a vector artist, I decided to try a new animation. It's not a self portrait, but It's "Twin" related.

To create this one I drew 17 individual frames on Illustrator and used Photoshop to color and animate.

I started this one with a little sequence sketched on Paper 53, on my iPad.

This is the initial drawing:

Just one color for this guy:

And one color for the twin brother:

Mid point:

And the final result, hope you like it:

Hi guys... long time no see!

I got a few new gifs to show you... here it is.

This is my headline!