Look what I made! ;)

Look what I made! ;)  - student project

Thanks for the class!

First I started with a doodle on paper, but it's still black and white, because I first had to install photoshop. ;)  I hope your mockup file also works with photoshop cs. :D

Then I found out, that I can do great doodles on the sketches app on my iPhone and even export it as a .psd file. Unfortunately I have two errors, I couldn't correct in the app, but perhaps it will be possible in photoshop.

this one was made by my 7 year old daughter. ('drawn with marker and colored in sketches on iphone.

Unfortunately I couldn't open the mockup file in my old version of photoshop, but I buyed the sketchbook pro app for iPhone and there I could edit the mockups perfectly. 

So here they are: 

And I changed the colors using the color changing tool of sketchbook pro...

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth!